Learning All About Funeral Arrangement Options
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Learning All About Funeral Arrangement Options

Hi everyone, my name is AnaMae Merton. I recently lost my birth parents during a heavy storm. Their deaths left me reeling, though we were not very close. Furthermore, I was the only surviving kin, so it was my job to arrange the funerals for both of them. The funeral arrangement process was incredibly difficult without knowing much about their personalities or passions. I struggled to find the best songs, outfits, caskets, burial sites and flowers. Luckily, the funeral director helped me identify suitable options for my birth parents' funerals. I hope to help people understand all of the different funeral arrangement options available today. Please visit my site anytime to learn more.


Learning All About Funeral Arrangement Options

3 Benefits To Choosing Cremation Over Burial

Christine Fleming

The choice between cremation and burial can be a difficult decision for many people to make. This is true regardless of whether they are making this decision for themselves or for a loved one who recently passed away. While there is not a single choice that is right for everyone, you should know that there are several benefits that cremation services offer when compared to a more traditional burial. In this article, you will be able to learn more about three of these benefits so that you can decide if cremation services are right for you as well. 

Benefit #1: There Are Many Options For Dealing With Cremated Remains

If you choose a traditional burial, the only real option for dealing with your remains is to bury them in a cemetery. This is not the case when choosing cremation. This is because the options are virtually endless when it comes to dealing with cremated remains. These cremains can be stored in an urn either at the home of a family member or in a memorial building. They can be scattered at a place of great meaning or beauty. They can even be used to create memorial jewelry and other products such as ammunition and fireworks. With so many different options available, cremation services truly offer the best opportunity to honor a loved one in a unique and meaningful way. 

Benefit #2: Cremation Services Are More Affordable

There are quite a few costs that come along with a traditional burial. For instance, you will need to cover the cost of a burial plot, a casket, and plot maintenance. While there is no doubt that covering these expenses is well worth it if traditional burial is what you truly want, you should know that cremation services typically offer a far more affordable alternative. For many people, the ability to save money on final expenses will ultimately mean having the ability to leave behind more money for their family. This can be extremely beneficial in many different ways. 

Benefit #3: Never Worry About A Grave Being Disturbed 

While many people consider a traditional burial to be a person's final resting place, the fact is that there are many things that could potentially disturb this final resting place. For example, extreme weather conditions can result in graves being disturbed. In some cases, graves will need to be relocated due to construction. On rare occasions, criminals may also disturb burial sites in order to loot the graves. With cremation services, there is never a need to worry about the burial site being disturbed. This can provide peace of mind for loved ones in the future.

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