Learning All About Funeral Arrangement Options
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Learning All About Funeral Arrangement Options

Hi everyone, my name is AnaMae Merton. I recently lost my birth parents during a heavy storm. Their deaths left me reeling, though we were not very close. Furthermore, I was the only surviving kin, so it was my job to arrange the funerals for both of them. The funeral arrangement process was incredibly difficult without knowing much about their personalities or passions. I struggled to find the best songs, outfits, caskets, burial sites and flowers. Luckily, the funeral director helped me identify suitable options for my birth parents' funerals. I hope to help people understand all of the different funeral arrangement options available today. Please visit my site anytime to learn more.


Learning All About Funeral Arrangement Options

The Basics of Storing Cremains: Unique Storage Options

Christine Fleming

For many people, traditional burial is their first thought when they think about handling a loved one's final services. However, cremation is becoming far more common. If your loved one opted for cremation and you're looking for a way to manage their cremains beyond the traditional urn storage or scattering them somewhere,  you're in the right place.  Here are a few more unique memorial options for your loved one's cremains.

Plant a Tree

One of the more unique solutions for memorializing your loved one's cremains is to have them incorporated into a tree. There are companies that will integrate cremains along with fertilizer and a tree seed in a biodegradable container. You can pick an area to plant the tree, such as on family land.  Then, you and your family will be able to enjoy a living memorial to your deceased family member. Just remember to choose the planting location carefully so that you can rest assured that the tree will be able to grow and thrive without worry of any kind of intervention.

Create a Decorative Memorial Piece

Another thing that you can do when you're looking for ways to truly memorialize a loved one with their cremains is to turn those ashes into a decorative piece of art or a fixed feature on the property. For example, some companies will incorporate cremains in glass, creating stained glass pieces that you can have installed anywhere in your home. 

Alternatively, you can have a memorial bench installed where the concrete foundation of the bench or some other bench component is crafted using those ashes. If you lost someone whose favorite place was the garden or a backyard area, this is a great way to honor their memory and keep their cremains safe.

Invest In Custom Gem Stones

One of the more unique ways to store cremains is in pieces of jewelry. This is an especially popular option when you have a couple of family members who would love to keep the deceased close. There are companies that will create gemstones from cremains so that you can have those stones mounted into custom jewelry of your choosing.

As you can see, there's no need to stick with the traditional urn on a shelf or ash scattering if you want something different. These are some of the more unique ways to memorialize someone who has opted for cremation. Talk with the crematorium or the funeral director about any other options that might be available so that you can find the solution that best honors your lost loved one.