Learning All About Funeral Arrangement Options
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Learning All About Funeral Arrangement Options

Hi everyone, my name is AnaMae Merton. I recently lost my birth parents during a heavy storm. Their deaths left me reeling, though we were not very close. Furthermore, I was the only surviving kin, so it was my job to arrange the funerals for both of them. The funeral arrangement process was incredibly difficult without knowing much about their personalities or passions. I struggled to find the best songs, outfits, caskets, burial sites and flowers. Luckily, the funeral director helped me identify suitable options for my birth parents' funerals. I hope to help people understand all of the different funeral arrangement options available today. Please visit my site anytime to learn more.


Learning All About Funeral Arrangement Options

4 Things That May Happen If You Don't Pre-Plan For Your Own Funeral Needs

Christine Fleming

Most people just want to live their everyday life without thinking about disaster or death. While it's not fun to think about dying or handling your own funeral affairs, it's  essential. You want to make sure that you have a proper plan in place for the future. With help from a funeral planner, the process is easier than you may think. Keep reading to better understand what might happen if you don't take the time to properly pre-plan for your own funeral needs:

Your Wishes Won't Be Followed

If you've even thought about your own funeral for a few moments of time, you may have an idea as to how you'd want your funeral to be handled. If you don't take the time to outline these wishes, they likely won't be followed. Instead, your loved ones will have to guess as to how to handle your funeral needs. This can be stressful and upsetting for them.

Your Family May Struggle to Pay for the Costs 

Doing your own planning also allows for you to prepare for funeral costs and start saving during your lifetime. If you ignore the need to plan, your loved ones may be forced to find a way to pay for your needs. This can be stressful and upsetting if money is already tight. Make sure that you're able to pay for your own funeral needs.

Your Family May Struggle to Grieve

After a family member dies, it's important to go through the proper grieving process. It can be difficult for your friends or family members to do their own grieving if they're struggling with planning for you. There is often a lot of stress, upset, and confusion involved in this process. Allow your loved ones to properly grieve by making sure that all of your affairs are in order ahead of time.

There Can Be Unwanted Disagreements

When decisions are not outlined, there may be a lot of disagreements. Loved ones may argue about what they think you might have wanted. This can increase the tension and stress between family members when they really should be coming together to help each other. Make things easier for all involved.

As you can see, pre-planning is a necessary thing to do. If you're not sure where to even begin, consult with a funeral planning professional to learn more about your options and the entire planning process. You can make sure all is in order and can avoid the many upsetting situations mentioned above. 

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